Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Makeup


I love this day. You get to wear pink, and people give you candy. Why wouldn't you love it? I don't understand why people are so down on Valentine's day. I've never had a boyfriend, on V-day or not, and do you hear me complaining? Okay, yeah, I complain. A lot. But the point is, you will never hear a bad word about this day come from my mouth. It's a great day. Stop being so down on it.

So. The actual topic of this post.
Fun Valentine's Day makeup.

I was originally going to do three makeup looks, but I looked really weird and uncomfortable in the other pics, so you're welcome for not posting those.

This makeup is a different take on Valentine's day makeup. It's a littler bolder than your classic red lip. Here's a little rundown on how did this makeup look.

I started off with Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer. It looks like a trashy brand, but this concealer is seriously good. Next, I put on Rimmel London's Match Perfecter foundation and topped it with their Stay Matte powder. On my cheeks, I used E.L.F.'s Studio Blush in Pink Passion.

For my eyes, I started with a shimmery cream colored eye shadow all over my lids and in the corner. On the crease, I used a shimmery bronze and blended it in with the cream colored shadow on my lid. These came from my E.L.F. Warm pallet. I used the top and bottom left shadows on the right side of the pallet.

I am NOT winged eye liner professional, but it goes smoother for me when  I use a black pencil liner before tracing back over it with liquid liner. That's my little secret for ya'll today.

Now to my favorite part. The purple lips! 
 Before applying this color, I prime my lips with foundation to blot out the pink of my lips. It really makes a difference in the tone of the purple, but it still goes on easily and stays on well.

I really love wearing this makeup because it's fun and unique but not over the top.

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Have a fabulous Valentine's Day!


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