Monday, March 3, 2014

New Favorites.

Since February posts were so few and far between, I've made it my personal goal to do more posting on here this month. So here I am. March 3 and already two posts.
I thought I would do a post on my current favorite products because I've recently picked up a few makeup-y items that I'm really enjoying, and I wanted to share them with you.

First is the Master Kajal Khol Liner from Maybelline New York. I have never used an eyeliner that was easier to put on, and it can be used for different looks. I've used it as classic eyeliner to line my eyes (believe it or not) along with my eyeshadow and whatnot, but I've also used in to create a smudgy, smokey eye, kind of like the Olsens. This product is extremely good at the later look because it's made to be really creamy, so it smears really well. To achieve more of a
sunken in look, I'll occasionally put a tiny lip balm on my finger and smear that in with the liner as well.
picture above from

Second we have Maybelline New York Color Show nail polish in Iced Queen. This nail polish stays on chip free for days. I painted my nails with this a week ago, and I'm just now needing to repaint them. Also, this color is super fun and pretty.

Next is Rimmel London's ScandalEyes Eye 24 Hour, Waterproof Shadow Stick/Crayon in Blamed Blue. Generally, when they say 24h you know it's an exaggeration, but with this product, I'm not sure it is. It goes on smoothly, stays put literally all day, and the color is beautiful. I pair this with my Kajal liner, and blend the two together for a bold eye makeup look. 

I was running low on my hydrating Nivea chapstick, which is the blue one, and I was feeling daring, so I tried the Milk and Honey version, and I really love it. I think this is a better formula for winter because it isn't as light as the blue one. Once summer rolls around, I'll probably come back to the Hydrating chapstick.

This picture doesn't do this pretty pink lipstick justice. 
Revlon's Pink Pout is my favorite lip color at the moment. It is easy to wear and sits nicely on your lips by itself or paired with a clear lipgloss. I'll post a picture of me wearing it soon so you all can see how it looks on. I've gotten compliments the two times I've worn it recently, and that's always nice. (They were from Lydia and my mom, but that doesn't matter. A compliment is a compliment, am I right?) This also brings me one step closer to perfecting my Miley Cyrus in LOL makeup look, and that is a big deal.

I hope you all have enjoyed this mass product review post and have found something you want to add to your collection. See you soon!

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