Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chanel and Glitter

Hello, friends! Last Friday in my post, I was wearing makeup inspired by Chanel's Spring Runway look, and today I want to give you some details on how I did it. 

Here's the original look

And here's my adaptation of the original.

Sorry for the awful picture quality.

Obviously, on top, I just drew thick cat eye liner with my Khol liner and then E.L.F. liquid liner. In the Chanel look, the eye liner goes to a point past the tear duct, but I stopped at the tear duct for more of a softer effect. 
I lined my bottom lid with Wet and Wild's Color Icon Glitter Single in Spiked, which is a creamy, glittery eye shadow-- perfect for this makeup look! It stays in place pretty well, but because it is glitter, some of it does fall, so I had light, glittery circles under my eyes at random points throughout the day. It also takes a few nights of cleansing and makeup remover to completely get the glitter off, but it's a good product.

I dusted a bright pink bush on my cheeks and a fun, light pink on my lips, but you very well could go bare on the lips.

Have fun trying this makeup look for yourself!

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