Thursday, January 16, 2014

Current Favorites

Instead of a style post, today I wanted to share with you some things that I am currently looooving. I had originally planned on posting some sweeeet model shots of me in my first Spring semester outfit, but I got home after class, looked in the mirror and said, "What was I thinking with this makeup?" So, that stinks. There's always tomorrow.

Here we go.

Stuck In Love- I’m on Netflix, thinking about watching some 90210, when I see that they’ve uploaded one of my favorite movies— Stuck In Love. So of course I had to forgo my previous plans and watch it, which I’m sure I’ll do plenty more times. It was quite the exciting moment for me. The main three characters, a dad and his son and daughter, develop so nicely throughout the movie, and the story is a such a good one. Lily Collins, whom I love because of her eyebrows, stars and Logan Lerman, whom I love because of his boyish good looks and ridiculous talent, plays her love interest. If those two aren’t enough to make you want to watch it, I have nothing for you.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Cream- I’ve been using, and loving, this brand’s sea salt spray for a while, but I just starting using this product along with the spray. It is so nice, I’m left wondering why I’ve waited so long to try it. I have naturally curly hair, and I love the texture and volume it adds, making my hair easier to style, which is important because I am not about spending a lot of time on it. The consistency freaked me out at first (all I can think of to describe it is like snot. Sorry that’s super gross), but it’s really easy to work through damp and dry hair. 

picture source here 

Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm in Unapologetic- Let me tell you right now, I am unapologetic about how much I am obsessed with this product (yes, that was dumb, but I couldn’t pass the opportunity up). I’ll keep it short because I know several beauty bloggers have raved over these Revlon crayons. Basically, it goes on easily, feels light and smooth on your lips, and lasts a wonderfully long time, unless you’re eating, but reapplying is easy. Also, this color is so beautiful, I just stare at it every time I put it on. Weird? Yes. But don’t judge me ’til you try it.

Little Mix- It’s a British girl band. Just knowing that, I’m already in love, but I’ll continue. Much like One Direction, this group of four girls was put together on the X Factor. Unlike One Direction, however, Little Mix won, being the first group to win the popular singing competition. Their first album, DNA, landed the #4 spot on Billboard’s top 200, beating out the Spice Girl’s record, quite a feat in the time of YouTube, Spotify, and illegal downloads. The girls are beautiful and have their own fun, unique style. Their songs are empowering, catchy, and each of the girls is a powerhouse, so the album is filled with “wow” moments. Their new album, Salute, comes out sometime in February. Until then, I do not mind listening to their “old stuff” to get myself pumped up in the morning.

I'm ending this post in the best way possible-- with a super cute picture of One Direction announcing at the VMAs. 


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