Monday, January 13, 2014

Oooo la la

Okay, I really am not some fashion obsessed consumer who has to have it all, but I reallyyy like these items. I just needed you to know that. 

Anyways, I recently watched this documentary about ballerinas and I just love the way they dress. I think this little black skirt is reminiscent of a ballerina's skirt (like when they are practicing.) And they just always looks so effortlessly chic.

Wedge heels allow for that extra fancy, but are still comfortable. This Mary-Jane style makes this shoe look extra sweet. Just too cute. 

The Michael Kors Bag. Way out of my budget, but it is so classic. I love the shape so much. I am not much of a bag person, but I could be if I had this bag. 

I have one of these Revlon Lip Butters that my friend Katelyn got me and they are awesome. They give you pigmentation while not being dry on the lips. I think they are perfect for day because they are a low maintenance lipstick. I want them all. 

Simple knuckle rings (is that what they are called??) are so cool. Look at them. They are cool. That's all I have to say. 

Now this jacket. I love the shape. It's kind of masculine, but the color keeps it feminine. Unfortunately, this coat is from Topshop. 

Well, these are some of the items that I have my eye on right now. Feel free to buy me any or all of them.  Keep it real people!