Friday, January 3, 2014

Well, hello!

Welcome! We're really pumped to start this blog and share our appreciation of fashion with each other and with you. The two of us started this blog because, as college students, we each saw a laziness in the way our peers dressed, and we wanted a way to inspire and be inspired by people with the same outlook we have. We are by no means experts or professionals-- we just really like clothes. This is a new and exciting adventure for us,  and we hope this isn't our only post...

Sarah's sister, Julia, was gracious enough to be the photographer for our glamorous Books-A-Million photo shoot. It was hard to get our model on with creepy strangers in leather jackets walking by every few seconds, but we managed to work it. 

We think this is a good time to give a shoutout to our main girl, Demi Lovato, for looking fine as ever on the cover of NYLON mag.


Alright homies. I know it looks like I'm not having fun, but I am. I am not a grammar or literature person, so I will apologize in advance for that. 

Beanie: Forever 21
Top: Kohls
Leggings: Kohls
Boots: Rack Room (Suckas)


This is a sweet pic of me having the time of my life in BAM.

Hat: Forever 21
Denim top: thrift shop
Harley tee: my mom's closet
Leather leggings: Forever 21
Boots: H&M 

(before I got these boots for Christmas, I had dreams about them. That's how much I love them)

Hope you enjoyed our first blog post!

We're still working on our signature phrase, so for now, we'll say, "Peace out, suckers!"

Lydia and Sarah


  1. I like it. hope you don't mind your old geezer aunt following you around in the bloggersphere, Sarah

    1. Thanks, Kay. Of course I don't mind! Love you!